Y'2 LEATHER leather jacket brand

Manufacturing with a sense of warmth

Founded in 1998, we only make products made of "leather".
Unlike woven fabrics, leather is a raw material.
No two pieces are the same in terms of materials, cutting, sewing, etc. Each piece is a unique encounter.
Each piece of leather is a unique encounter.
We hope that our customers will feel some warmth when they encounter the same piece of leather.
We carefully put our heart and soul into each and every process of material selection, cutting, sewing, and finishing.

About Us

Company name: waitwo co.,ltd
Representative Director: Takao Yanamoto
Sales office: 3-11-14 Higashi-Imazato, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, 537-0011, Japan
Business Days:Monday-Friday 11:00-18:00
Business Holidays:Saturday, Sunday, Holidays (We are open on Saturdays only if you have an appointment, but we will not be available to take your calls.)
Telephone number: 06-6977-1373

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Company Store

Company store: 3-11-14 Higashi-Imazato, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, 537-0011, Japan

Midoribashi has long flourished as a textile sewing town.
Y'2LEATHER's company store stands quietly in Midoribashi.
The wooden fixtures and austere navy color scheme on the exterior give the store a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
We welcome you with a lineup that only a company store can offer, from standard products to new items and accessories.
We also have a display of samples worn by our staff that change over time, and our experienced staff will be happy to explain the products and materials, and provide you with detailed information on how to maintain them for long wear.
Our experienced staff will carefully explain the products and materials, as well as the maintenance methods for long-lasting wear.

Our store is by appointment only.

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