About Products

I don't know what size I should get.

  • Due to the nature of leather products, there may be variations in thickness and finish of the same item, so we do not publish sizes.
    Since these are expensive items, we recommend that you inquire about the actual size at the store where you are thinking of purchasing them or try them on for yourself.

Is it possible to make a full order (custom-made)?

  • We do not accept full orders (custom-made).

When is the delivery time?

  • The availability of leather changes greatly depending on the season and weather conditions.Therefore, we are unable to give you an exact delivery date, as production proceeds according to the availability of leather.
    We ship sequentially from June to December.

Can I purchase store-specific products?

  • Store-specific products will only be sold at the relevant store.
    Not available in our store.

I see an item listed on an auction site that is not on your website, is it authentic?

  • Some products may not be listed on our website because they have been discontinued or are special-order items, but we do not judge whether they are fake or genuine.
    Customers are responsible for their purchases on auction sites.

About Purchasing

Do you do mail order?

  • We do not do mail order both domestically and internationally.

Will you contact me when it arrives?

  • We do not notify you of the arrival of new arrivals. Please check our website and Instagram for shipment notifications, and social networking sites of stores that carry our products.

Can you tell me which stores have it in stock?

  • We distribute our products to the stores that carry them, but we cannot tell you what is in stock at each store.
    Please contact the store directly for availability outside of this store.

I looked for the product in the winter, but I can't find it in stock anywhere.

  • Leather jackets cannot be produced in large quantities at a time, and production is limited.
    For this reason, some people make reservations in advance, so when the season is in full swing, they are often already sold out.
    To ensure your purchase, we recommend that you make a reservation.

When should I make an appointment?

  • Reservations will be accepted from January to March. More details will be announced on our website and Instagram.
    The new products are scheduled to be announced around February.

About the Store

What if I want to see the products?

  • You can see them at the stores that carry them or at our store.
    If you would like to visit our store, please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance through the reservation page.
    Reservations can be made up to one month in advance.

What are your business hours?

  • Weekdays 10:00~18:00. We are not open on Sundays and holidays.
    We are open on Saturdays only by prior appointment, but we do not answer the phone.

Can I come to the store on the same day?

  • We do not accept same-day visits. Please make reservations at least 3 days in advance through the reservation page.
    Reservations can be made up to one month in advance.

What if I am late for my appointment?

  • Please contact us in advance if you will be more than 10 minutes late.
    If you are more than 30 minutes late, your reservation will be cancelled.
    (For reservations on Saturdays, please contact us using the contact form.)

Do you accept credit cards?

  • Credit cards are accepted.

Repair and Maintenance

My body shape has changed since the time of purchase, can it be fixed?

  • We do not offer repair services after the product is completed. Please consult a repair store.

How do I request repairs?

  • Please contact the store where you purchased the product once for repair.

How much will the repair cost?

  • We will provide an estimate after checking the product, as it depends on the condition of the product.
    However, we will accept the initial defects and button repairs free of charge. (Shipping costs for button repairs are the responsibility of the customer.)
    As a rough estimate, zipper repair is around ¥12,000 and lining repair is from ¥12,000.
    This is only a guideline and depends on the contents. Please feel free to contact us.

I purchased it at an auction, can it be repaired?

  • Repair is possible, but the customer will be responsible for shipping costs.

Do you repair leather jackets from other companies?

  • We do not repair other companies' products.

I am concerned about sebum stains, etc. Are there any affiliated dry cleaners?

  • There are no affiliated dry cleaners.
    Cleaning should be done at the customer's own discretion.

Can light-colored products be discolored?

  • Light-colored leathers such as saddle horse and persimmon horse will darken with aging.
    If you do not like discoloration, we recommend black or other color products.

How can I prevent color migration?

  • Store the product away from clothing that is prone to color migration.
    The garments can be safely stored in the attached cover.

How can I keep it from losing its shape?

  • It is important to store the garments so that they are not overloaded at the shoulders, so please use wide hangers.
    Use the provided hangers for safe storage.


I would like a catalog, where can I get one?

  • Free distribution is available at the nearest handling store.
    If you live in Japan and do not have a store near you, please send us an envelope with your name and address and enclose five 84 yen stamps, and we will send it to you by Letterpack.

Can I purchase hangers and covers?

  • Hangers and covers are not sold.