How to maintain your leather goods so that they will last for many years.

The two biggest enemies of leather products are "greasiness" and "mildew".

The loss of oil causes hardening of the leather fibers. First, put oil or cream for leather on the palm of your hand or a cloth and spread it over the entire surface.
It is also a good idea to start with the back of the collar and other parts that are difficult to see. If the image is correct, apply the cream to the entire surface.
However, please note that light-colored leathers such as camel leather and nude leather will darken.
If you prefer a worn look, you do not need to add much oil.

The most common causes of mold are high temperature, high humidity, and dirt. If you are concerned about dirt or dust, wipe it up gently with a cloth or brush tightly wrung out with water or lukewarm water.
Leaving it as it is after getting wet in the rain can cause mold. When wet, absorb the moisture by patting it with a dry towel.
After that, please hang it in the shade in a well-ventilated place, using a wide hanger to prevent it from losing its shape.
Our leather has enough oil and fat added to it, but when the moisture dries, the oil and fat will also be carried away. Please add oil after wetting and drying.
If you do not wear it for a long time, please keep it in a well-ventilated place, and if it is in a closet, please place a moisture remover and check its condition appropriately.

In the hope that you will use it for many years, we have attached wooden hangers and non-woven fabrics to outerwear (except vests) since 2016.
If you put insecticide and moisture-proofing agent in the non-woven fabric and store them with wooden hangers, it will be effective in preventing dust and other stains, as well as in preventing them from losing their shape.
Please try it.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any maintenance problems.

For inquiries regarding repairs, please contact the shop where you purchased the product.